Roxana Chira

Roxana Chira (Germany)

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Dust radiative transport in filamentary star-forming regions

Thesis abstract: The importance of filaments as sites of star formation has been emphasized by many observations, i.e. Herschel, in the last years. But due to the complex structures of such environments there are still a lot of open questions. In this project we aim to study the characteristics of filaments by combining observations and theoretical models. For the radiative transport calculations we will use the code of Ralf Siebenmorgen (ESO; Heymann & Siebenmorgen, 2012) that will not only reconstruct the 3D structures of the filaments, but will also be used to the properties of dust particles and their interplay with the gas.

Supervisors: Thomas Henning (MPIA), Ralf Siebenmorgen (ESO)

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