Paul Molliere

Paul Molliere (Germany)

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A new planetary atmospheric code for atmospheric structures and spectra

The characterization of planetary atmospheres using their emergent and transmitted spectra represents a very exciting opportunity to learn something about the atmospheric atomic and molecular composition. Furthermore an evaluation of the measured abundances may shed light on the formation processes of said planets, when considered together with various possible formation scenarios, which may result in different expected compositions.
To this end we are developing a 1-d atmospheric code which solves for the self-consistent hydrostatic atmospheric structure given an arbitrary atomic composition. The code is assuming LTE, radiative equilibrium and convection.
As one possible application it will be coupled with planetary evolution calculations to self-consistently link the planetary formation and evolution process. In this process, our atmospheric code will be used to calculate the cooling and evolution of the planets through non-gray atmospheres.

Supervisor: Thomas Henning (MPIA)

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