Tim Tugendhat

Tim Tugendhat (Germany)

timtugendhat @ gmail.com

Intrinsic Alignments of Galaxies from Numerical Simulations

Thesis abstract: Intrinsic alignments of galaxies are a systematic in weak lensing measurements that need to be understood and corrected for in upcoming surveys. While first and foremost a nuisance for obtaining precision measurements on cosmological parameters with missions such as Euclid, understanding the nature of galaxy alignment gives valuable insight into the physics of galaxy and halo formation itself. As galaxy formation is a tricky process to describe and grasp analytically, many tend to try and model it in a semi-analytical fashion. However, recent large-scale simulations, in particular Illustris, are doing a superb job in recreating many observable propertiesa of galaxies. Obtaining intrinsic alignment data from simulations will be followed by studying the effect the observed alignment correlations will have on weak lensing spectra of Euclid-like surveys and thus we can specify the systematic error they introduce.

Supervisor: Bjoern-Malte Schaefer (ARI)

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