Xiaona Sun

Xiaona Sun (China)


The connections between GeV and TeV AGNs

A possible gamma-ray emitting region in AGN is the jet, which is launched by the accretion process of the central black hole. Although many details are not clearly known, it is believed that electrons and/or protons can be accelerated to very high energies in the jet and radiate gamma ray through inverse Compton process and pion production process respectively. The main topic for my PhD thesis will be a joint analysis of observations of AGN by Fermi LAT and HESS, aiming to investigate the jet properties of AGN. I will focus on the jet launch, particle acceleration, radiation mechanism, and jet-disk connection in AGN in order to answer the fundamental questions like how the jets in AGN are formed, which mechanisms are responsible for the observed high energy photons from, and which are the reasons of dramatic changes of their fluxes with time. My study may also lead to some useful information on feedbacks of AGN to their host galaxies, as well as the evolutions of these galaxies.

Supervisor: Felix Aharonian (MPIK)