Andreas Schreiber

Andreas Schreiber (MPIA)

Andreas Schreiber (Germany)

aschreiber @

Gravoturbulent Planetesimal Formation in the Early Solar System

Thesis abstract: Before gravitational stable planets are born planetesimals of metre to 100 kilometre size must have formed in the planetary disk around a new born star. In my MHD/HD simulation I will examine different physical parameters and different formation processes for such planetesimals within protoplanetary disks. In high resolution simulations I will investigate how dense dust areas in disks collapse to planetesimals and compare the count statistics with experimental data. Additional planetesimal formation studies are planned, such as the impact factor of collision velocity and Rayleigh-Taylor simulations of segmenting dust clumps. All simulations will be performed on supercluster computers using the pencil code.

Supervisors: Hubert Klahr (MPIA)

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