Thales Gutcke

Thales Gutcke (Germany/USA)

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SPH simulations of massive spiral galaxies

This thesis addresses the topic of galaxy formation and evolution in the universe. In collaboration with A. V. Macciò, V.  Springel, and G. van de Ven, I make use of  the parallel, hydrodynamical code GASOLINE to study the formation and evolution of galaxies
in a cosmological context.
In this  framework, I  am specifically looking at  very massive  disk galaxies and their possible transition  from  a disk morphology to  a spherical  morphology. This morphological transition is usually accompanied by a strong reduction of cold gas in the galaxy and by a suppression of star formation.
The origin of these transitions is still debated, in my thesis I will run state of the art simulations at extremely high resolution
that include a new model for the gas cooling (based on the effect of external radiation) combined with a simple model mimicking feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei.
With these simulations we hope to gain  physical insight into the process regulating the transition from disc to bulge dominated galaxies.

Supervisor: Andrea Maccio (MPIA)

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