Maria Jesus Jimenez

Maria Jesus Jimenez (Spain)

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The EMIR Nearby Galaxy Dense Gas Survey

Thesis abstract: The efficiency of star formation in other galaxies is often studied only focusing on molecular gas traced by CO emission due to the faintness of other lines. However the emission coming from lines such as HCN or HCO+ is an essential tool to probe the actual dense gas. Therefore one of the key ways to probe the physics conditions in the star forming gas and as importantly, study if and how they vary across galactic disks and galaxy-to-galaxy, is assembling observations of molecular lines with different critical densities and compare these observations to tracers of star formation. For this purpose we initiated a large program (EMPIRE) using EMIR at the IRAM 30m telescope to map emission from dense gas tracers (HCN, HCO+, etc.) along with the CO isotope 13CO and C180 across 9 nearby disk galaxies.
Combined with existing ancillary data at virtually all wavelengths from the radio to the UV, we will be able to assess the physical properties of the gaseous ISM and how they vary across entire galaxy disks systematically for the first time.

Supervisor: Frank Bigiel (ITA)

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