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Characterization of young accreting planets

Since the early detections of planets around stars other than the sun, the astronomical community has gained a very good insight into the possible structure and dynamical behaviour of planetary systems. In parallel, our understanding of the disks around young stars, where these planets are formed has grown as well. Many processes of early stages of planet formation are now well understood through theoretical modelling and observations.

There is a missing link between these early stages and the mature planetary systems we observe around so many stars. This least constrained part of our understanding is being investigated statistically by planetary population synthesis and observationally by searching for young planets embedded in planet-forming disks. With a new generation of instruments we expect to directly observe the accretion onto these young planets within disks. Such observations may allow us to put stronger constraints on the chemical and physical processes governing this phase of planet formation. The aim of this project is to study the feasibility to trace such planets in disks and to derive constraints on the conditions in their immediate vicinity during the late stages of their evolution.

For this purpose, detailed dynamical models of a disk with an embedded planet will be created and continuously improved. The primary focus will be set on finding an appropriate treatment of the hydrodynamical and radiative processes within the disk. A partner project at the University of Kiel will be focussed on using these models to create synthetic observations from this using more accurate radiative transfer models.

Supervisor:  Hubert Klahr  (MPIA)

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