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Tobias Buck  ( Germany )

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Simulating the progenitors of Milky Way like galaxies

My thesis adresses the formation and evolution of galaxies like our own Milky Way and is done in collaboration with Hans-Walter Rix, Andrea V. Macciò and Volker Springel. I plan to perform and analyze fully cosmological simulations of disk galaxies with the state of the art parallel, hydrodynamical simulation code GASOLINE2.

In this framework, I am specifically looking at the morpholy and clumpiness of the stellar and gaseous discs from redshift two to the present day. Observations have shown evidence for large  star forming clumps in the discs of highredshift galaxies as for example in the CANDLES survey, where these clumps are clearly visible in the UV part
of the spectrum.  The nature of these clumps is still under discussion. Previous theoretical work suggested these clumps to be self-bound and long-lived leading to the build-up of the bulge. In my thesis I plan to run very high-resolution simulation of disk galaxies to investigate the formation and evolution of star forming clumps and their impact on the build-up of the galaxy. Additionally I am also improving the feedback prescription in our code to get physical insights on the dependance of clump formation and life time on the stellar feedback.

Supervisor:   Andrea Maccio  ( MPIA )

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