Robert Reischke

Robert Reischke  ( Germany )

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Nonlinear structure formation on the scale of baryon acoustic oscillations

Modern cosmology recently entered an epoch in which a tremendous amount of data became available. Future experiments as the Euclid satellite or the Square Kilometre Array will improve the available data even further. However, having this cosmological data below the Mpc scale comes with risk. In order to infer cosmological parameters from the data correctly it is necessary to provide robust theoretical model which are accurate to the percent level. At small scales non-linear and even astrophysical effects become important which can lead to substantial biases if not modelled correctly. I'm studying some of those effects and compare theoretical model with numerical N-body simulations and how they effect cosmological observables such as cosmic shear measurements.

Supervisor:   Bjoern-Malte Schaefer  ( ITA )

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