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Simon Sailer   (Germany)

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Simulation and verification of the performance of the FlashCam Cherenkov camera

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project is an international collaboration building an imaging atmospheric cherenkov
telescope array aiming to measure very high energy gamma-rays in the earth's atmosphere. The arrays consist of more than
100 telescopes in the northern and southern hemisphere with three different-sized telescope classes.
The FlashCam camera is a camera for the medium-sized telescopes of CTA and has reached a stage in its development, where
a full protoype has been built and equipped with many final components. The behaviour of and interactions between subcomponents
have to be understood in detail to ensure a stable operation of the camera and to guarantee a reliable scientific output.
The aim of this project is to analyse and verify the triggersystem of the camera. This involves measuring the behaviour
of the camera in the lab, simulation the expected triggerrates with Monte-Carlo simulations, and build an analytic model
to fully understand the system. Using the gained knowledge and the developed tools, the next step in the project is to study
the feasibility of using the FlashCam equipped telescopes as atmospheric fluorescence detection system.

Supervisor:   Jim Hinton  (MPIK)

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