Robin Gopala Tress

Robin Gopala Tress (Italy)

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Gas dynamics and star formation in galactic scale simulations

There is a deep interplay between different scales and physical processes to shape the Interstellar Medium (ISM) that we observe. The properties of the ISM, on the other hand, are the main factor driving the star formation process. However, a complete theory able to describe the life cycle of the ISM is still missing and models are still failing at reproducing the observations. We simulate the ISM of a Milkyway type galaxy. We exploit the adaptivity of the moving mesh code AREPO to cover the large dynamical range necessary to study the ISM dynamics. Our main goal is to understand the importance of stellar feedback and other physical phenomena such as self gravity, magnetic fields, microphysics and galactic shear in determining the observed properties of the ISM and their role in the star formation process. Moreover, by studying the evolution of tracer particles through the simulation we can constrain the redistribution of stellar yields throughout the galaxy to describe the observed metallicity properties of the ISM.

Supervisor: Simon Glover  (ITA)

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