Kiyun Yun

Kiyun Yun (South Korea)

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Quantifying the spatial and time scales for star formation, stripping, and quenching of satellite galaxies with IllustrisTNG

The evolution of galaxies also depends on their interaction with the ambient environment. Especially when galaxies fall into massive groups and clusters, their properties can be dramatically changed: they can keep sustaining star formation for some time, deplete their gas reservoirs, undergo stripping of material, possibly alter their morphologies, and ultimately quench. To quantify the time and spatial scales for these processes, we use The Next Generation Illustris (IllustrisTNG) simulations, a set of cosmological volumes including magnetohydrodynamics and an updated set of galaxy physics prescriptions and feedback that provide a more realistic evolution of the baryonic components across scales. We address a statistical and theoretical analysis of satellite galaxies in clusters as massive as 10^15 Msun and trace them across redshifts to determine the average quenching timescales, and the gas fraction contents, colors and morphologies as a function of cluster-centric distance, host mass, and more generally environment properties.

Supervisor: Annalisa Pillepich  (MPIA)

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