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Jolanta Zjupa (Poland)

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Large scale simulations of the Ly-alpha forest as a cosmological probe for Dark Energy

The nature of Dark Energy driving the accelerated expansion of the universe is one of the most fundamental unsolved problems in modern physics. It is possible to measure the accelerated expansion of the universe by means of the baryonic acoustic oscillation (BAO) peak which acts as a comoving standard ruler and shows up in the auto-correlation function of Ly-alpha spectra. This allows us to derive constraints on the time-varying equation of state of Dark Energy up to high redshifts where the deviations from a cosmological constant are expected to be strongest. However, this requires a profound understanding of the systematic effects of baryonic physics on the BAO peak which can only be studied in large scale hydrodynamical simulations. Such a simulation has to cover large volumes to include the BAO scale and provide sufficient statistics and simultaneously model the impact of galaxy evolution and feedback on the large scale distribution of baryons accurately which cannot be realised with currently available simulation techniques. In this project we develop a new hybrid simulation technique that allows us to carry out a full hydrodynamical simulation of a 400 Mpc³ cosmological box and derive statistics of the Ly-alpha forest and the BAO peak with unprecedented precision.

Supervisor: Volker Springel (HITS)

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