Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova

Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova (Russia)

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Comparison of different star formation tracers in nearby AGN host galaxies

I am working on the CARS project which stands for the Close AGN Reference Survey. The idea is to provide the reference for researches on mid- and high-redshift AGNs. The CARS contains multi-wavelength observations for 40 unobscured (means Seyfert I) AGN host galaxies at redshifts 0.01 < z < 0.06. Comparison of different star formation tracers such as Hα λ6563A, [CII] λ158um,  and CO(1-0) 115 GHz emission lines can help us to better understand the processes of so-called 'AGN feedback' and finally to get closer to the answer "How does AGN affect the host galaxy?".

The MUSE@VLT is the most powerful optical IFU instrument nowadays, it provides outstanding spatial resolution and covers a broad range of wavelengths (including g, r, i broadbands; Hβ, [OIII], Hα, [NII], and [SII] emission lines). With the MUSE observations, we can easily see the structure and the kinematics of each galaxy in the sample. The FIFI-LS is a unique instrument onboard the SOFIA plane which provides IFU data
for [CII] line mapping observations. Provide reference for [CII] emission line is especially important for high-redshift AGN hosts observed with ALMA with good spatial resolution.

Supervisor:  Bernd Husemann  (MPIA)

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