Jindra Gensior

Jindra Gensior  (Germany)


 j.gensior @ uni-heidelberg.de

The impact of cloud-scale star formation physics on galaxy formation in a cosmological context

What physical processes govern star formation (SF), especially in the galactic context, is still an unsolved problem. This is highlighted when comparing the low SF efficiencies observed in bulge dominated spheroids and elliptical galaxies to the predictions made by various global SF relations, which often differ by more than an order of magnitude. The aim of this project is to develop new SF models for use in the hydrodynamics code AREPO that are motivated by empirical constraints of timescales, efficiencies and feedback associated with giant molecular clouds. With these models, we aim to reproduce the observed SF rates and gas abundances of early-type galaxies when performing cosmological zoom-in simulations of these objects, thusly bridging the gap between large and small scale SF.

Supervisor:  Diederik Kruijssen  (ARI)

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