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Francisco Aros  (Chile)

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Hunting for Intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters

The masses of super-massive black holes are known to scale nearly linearly with the masses of their host galaxies. If this scaling relations holds true at lower masses, we expect globular clusters (GC) to host intermediate mass black holes (IMBH) of 10^3 ~ 10^5 solar masses. However, the different models to describe the observable effects caused by the presence of an IMBH have brought a duality on our conclusions, for each detection of a candidate there is a corresponding non-detection. When dynamical models are implemented to characterize the presence of an IMBH in GCs, the effects of mass segregation, binary fraction or orbital anisotropy can mimic the effects of an IMBH in the center of a GC; moreover, the binning of observational data provokes a loss of information, which limits our capability to constrain these effects. On this thesis project, we will confront these issues aiming to make a robust dynamical modeling of the internal center of GCs, and establish for the first time the (non)presence of seed black holes in them.

Supervisor:  Glenn van de Ven  (MPIA/ESO)

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