Sabrina Gronow

Sabrina Gronow  (Germany)

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Contribution of Type Ia supernovae to the chemical enrichment of the Milky Way: explosions of sub-MCh WDs

A Type Ia supernova is one of the strongest, most energetic events in the universe. Explosions of sub-Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfs represent one possible progenitor scenario for such explosions. Type Ia supernovae are taken to be the main contributor of iron to the milky way. The investigated model consists of a carbon-oxygen white dwarf with a helium shell. My thesis will focus on a better treatment of the hydrodynamics and a better resolution of the propagating detonation waves while considering a nuclear network. Following the evolution of the artificially set detonation in the helium shell it is needed to detect a second detonation spot that disrupts the whole star. These higher resolution simulations give better results on the supernova yields. Based on the yields more details on the influence of Type Ia supernovae on the galactic chemical evolution of our milky way can be obtained. The work is carried outat the Zentrum für Astronomie Heidelberg (ZAH) and Heidelberger Institut für Theoretische Studien (HITS).

Supervisor:  Friedrich Roepke  (HITS)

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