Bahar Bidaran

Bahar Bidaran  (Iran)

Dynamics and stellar populations of dwarf galaxies: how relevant was pre-processing in galaxy groups?

The project focuses on studying galaxy evolution in group and cluster environments through comparing observed and simulated galaxy properties, asking under which conditions the environment can induce structural and dynamical changes in galaxies, and what their distinctive signatures would be today. This is done through investigating how galaxy sizes, rotation curves, and metallicities are mapped to the present-day phase-space distribution and the morphologies of galaxies. The project is founded on observational datasets (MUSE spectra for Virgo cluster dwarf galaxies, multicolour photometry for Fornax and Perseus cluster dwarf galaxies, possibility for follow-up observations). It also relies on simulations of low-mass galaxy evolution by collaborators, from which "observable" quantities will be extracted and compared to the real galaxies.

Supervisor:  Thorsten Lisker  (ARI)