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Low-mass Galaxy Populations in IllustrisTNG: What determined their characteristics and fundamental relations?

Within the scope of the PhD project ‘Low-mass galaxy populations in IllustrisTNG: what determined their characteristics and fundamental relations?’ we aim to investigate fundamental relations of galaxies and their scatter using data from TNG100 and – when available – TNG50. Due to their shallow potential wells, low-mass dwarf galaxies are very susceptible to external influences, thereby posing as ideal probes of environmental effects in host halos of different size and mass. The imprint of their respective global and local environments is reflected in shape and scatter of various relations of galaxy properties, e.g. the mass-metallicity relation, the stellar-to-halo mass relation or the fundamental plane. In order to illustrate these effects, we compare relations of satellite galaxies and centrals/field galaxies with each other for possible offsets or changes at different redshifts. Furthermore, the galaxies will be examined for variations with clustercentric distance, infall history and other evolutionary parameters as well as connections to mass stripping and star formation quenching. We hope to identify processes responsible for the present-day appearance of dwarf galaxies as well as the environments in which they start acting on galaxies or work most efficiently. Furthermore, we want to examine the role of mergers and close interactions in the evolution of dwarf galaxy properties. Do galaxy populations with similar merger histories display the same characteristics? Over the course of the project, we also plan to put special emphasis on observer-accessible quantities such as properties of stellar populations or galaxy colors. Our investigations will be compared with observational data of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo and Fornax clusters. Information from photometric and spectroscopic studies on stellar populations
and internal dynamics (e.g. SMAKCED, Fornax Deep Survey) will complement the results from IllustrisTNG.

Supervisor:  Thorsten Lisker (ARI), Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA)

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