Carolin Gieser

Caroline Gieser  (Germany)

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High-mass core and disk characterization from mid-infrared (JWST) to mm wavelength (NOEMA, ALMA)

Star formation proceeds from very cold gas clumps to hot molecular cores and stars, and hence the star formation process automatically covers a broad range of temperatures and densities. Therefore, studying
star formation in general, and high-mass star formation in particular, requires multi-wavelength studies to sample the different phases and entities within the star-forming region. In this project, I will
investigate different physical and chemical processes during high-mass star formation, all related to the properties of the dense cores and potential accretion disks.
I will study the core and disk properties at mm wavelengths based on the IRAM NOEMA large program CORE and ALMA observations: How does the observed chemical abundances depend on the environment,
fragmentation properties and evolutionary stages? What is the formation site, route, and timescale of individual molecules detected in high-mass
star-forming regions? How far does chemical complexity go in high-mass star-forming regions?
Considering the launch of JWST (hopefully) in the near future, the project is supposed to slowly shift to the warmer gas and dust properties visible at mid-infrared wavelength based on a guaranteed time
project with JWST. To prepare for JWST, I will also work on a physical-chemical model of dense cores coupled with radiative transfer in order to simulate JWST observations of high-mass star-forming regions.

Supervisor:  Henrik Beuther (MPIA)

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