Lizxandra Flores Rivera

Lizxandra Flores Rivera  (USA)

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Hydrodynamical simulations of protoplanetary disks including irradiation of UltraViolets and X-rays

Photoevaporation can alter significantly the mechanism for the evolution of protoplanetary disks and so affect planet formation especially in regions of strong stellar radiation. We attempt to investigate the influence of irradiation of EUV, FUV, and X-ray components within the first 5 AU, and full meridional colatitude, on the hydrodynamical evolution of the disk. Our photoevaporation model (Ryhoei et al. 2018) are set on a 2.5D hydrodynamical simulations  for a typical T-Tauri star with an initial isothermal accretion disk configuration. With this improvement we will be able to correct the gas temperature in the atmosphere suitable to model for the wind flow in the surface of the disk. Parameters to investigate: 1) disk accretion rate by the VSI. 2) find the photevaporation rate and how much does it affect the lifetime of the disk. 3) what happen when the disk accretion is less and/or greater than the photoevaporation rate. 4) we can use a radiative transfer model to generate spectral lines (e.g. [OI] 6300˚A and [NeII] 12.8 µm) that diagnose line width in the surface of the disk and compare with previous work (e.g. Picogna et al. 2018) and with observations.

Mario Flock  (MPIA)

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