Mattis Magg

Mattis Magg  (Germany)

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Metal Enrichment in the High-Redshift Universe

The first stars, so-called Population III (Pop III) stars, form about 100 million years after the Big Bang. Spreading the first heavy elements, their supernovae lead to a fundamental change in chemical properties of the interstellar medium. This metal enrichment governs the transition from Pop III to Pop II star formation and is a key influence in shaping the earliest galaxies. Additionally it leaves a chemical fingerprint we observe today in extremely metal-poor stars in the Milky Way and thus offers a unique access to the era of reionisation. With hydrodynamical and semi-analytical simulations we model high-redshift star formation and feedback to investigate the observational predictions resulting from our current understanding of this era. A major goal of my thesis is to model the formation of old extremely metal poor stars in order to interpret their observed chemical properties.

Supervisor:   Ralf Klessen   (ITA)

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