Ismael Pessa

Ismael Pessa Gutierrez  (Chile)

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Stellar populations at high angular resolution in nearby star forming galaxies with PHANGS

To understand how internal physical processes on small spatial scales drive the evolution of star-forming galaxies, the PHANGS collaboration (Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby GalaxieS, has started a multi-wavelength observing campaign targeting nearby (<17 Mpc) main-sequence galaxies at approximately 50-100 pc resolution. We investigate the stellar populations using high-quality wide-field integral field spectroscopic data collected with the MUSE instrument on the VLT. We apply the full spectral fitting approach to explore the full star formation history of the star-forming disk of PHANGS galaxies. By deriving star formation histories at a high angular resolution ~60 pc), we attempt to constrain the dynamic evolution of different structural components and the star formation timescale. This allows us to understand how different star formation episodes in these galaxies might have led to its current shape. Additionally, we study the resolved star formation main sequence of galaxies across the different morphological components and we explore how the limited spatial resolution of previous surveys might be driving the slope and scatter of this relation.

Supervisor:   Eva Schinnerer  (MPIA)

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