Oliver Voelkel

Oliver Voelkel  (Germany)

voelkel @ mpia.de

The implementation of consistent planetesimal formation in the population synthesis of exoplanets

As a result of the continuously increasing population of detected exoplanets, it has become feasible to use their statistical properties in order constrain planet formation and evolution theory.
A fitting tool in doing is planet population synthesis, in which a global model for planet formation is used to connect the diverse initial conditions of planet formation to a statistically compare-able synthetic population of planets.
The focus of this PhD lies in the early stages of planet formation and determining their directive role in the consecutive formation of planetary systems.
The main center of attention lies in the implementation of a global model for planetesimal formation based on a disk-consistent model for dust and pebble dynamics and consequently the formation of planetary cores into our planet population synthesis framework.
Highlighting these early stages of planet formation will deepen our understanding on the formation of planets and the architecture of planetary systems, as well as contribute viable constraints on the remaining stages of planetary evolution.

Supervisor:  Hubert Klahr (MPIA)

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