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Galaxy Accretion and Structures of Low Surface Brightness in the Nearby Universe

High mass galaxies residing in the centre of their dark matter haloes at z = 2 – 3 are thought to be the progenitors of the large central galaxies we observe in the local universe. However, when directly compared, it becomes apparent that the galaxies we observe in the local universe, despite having similar masses, are much more diffuse. They are, on average, approximately an order of magnitude or two larger and the stellar densities are much lower, indicating a period of growth, thereby implying a more complex assembly history than a simple monolithic collapse scenario.

By using high-resolution, deep imaging data from the Subaru Hyper-Suprime Cam (HSC) we will attempt to more accurately constrain the assembly histories of these central galaxies in the local universe through tidal features, colour gradients etc.. We will compliment this with optical IFU data in order to probe more properties of various regions of the galaxies such as the stellar population ages and metallicities. This will then be compared to various simulation data. Finally we will also look at the wider environment of these objects, mainly the presence of Low Surface brightness galaxies close to the central galaxy.

Supervisor:   Anna Pasquali (ARI)

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