Camille Bergez-Casalou

Camille Bergez-Casalou  (France)

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Accretion and migration of multiple planets in discs

Nowadays, we still do not know how our solar system has reached its current architecture. The study of accretion and migration of planets in their protoplanetary disc can explain the structure of such planetary systems. Previous studies show how single giant planets grow and migrate, but we know that more than one planet was formed at the same time in the disc.

The objective of this PhD is to use hydrodynamical simulations to characterize how multiple planets in one system will behave. As a first step, we focus on the accretion of gas of two giant planets in the same disc: we assume that the cores (larger than 10 Earth masses) are already formed, and that they are in the runaway accretion regime (quick accretion of gas only) and they are not allowed to migrate initially. Then, we will be able to let them migrate while accreting gas at the same time. This will give us insight on how the gas giants in the solar system could have formed.

Supervisor:   Bertram Bitsch  (MPIA)

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