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Giancarlo Mattia  (Italy)

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Jet launching from MHD disks

Astrophysical jets are observed in a variety of astrohpysical sources (e.g. AGN and micro-quasars). It seems clear nowadays that a global large-scale magnetic field plays a crucial role in the jet-launching process. Still, the origin of the jet-launching disk magnetic field has not been well understood. Recently, adynamo working in the accretion disk has been pointed as a possible source for the magnetic field.
The objective of the PHD is to perform magneto-hydrodynamical simulations in order to get unsteady jet launching by dynamo generated magnetic field. As a first step, we focus on the non-relativistic regime to investigate different types of dynamo and diffusivity models motivated by physical arguments. More realistic forms of the dynamo and diffusivity tensors should be provided and tested on large-scale simulations. A future goal is to migrate to the relativistic (and/or general relativistic) regime in order to have a better understanding of the non-classical processes in act. This would give us a better understanding of the jet launching phenomenon and its origin.

Supervisor:    Christian Fendt (MPIA)

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