Marcelo Barraza

Marcelo Barraza  (Chile)

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Numerical simulations of planet-disk interactions in turbulent protoplanetary disks

Planets are thought to form inside the weakly ionised region of protoplanetary disks. In this region, a low level of turbulence is expected from pure hydrodynamical instabilities. The mechanism generating the turbulence and its efficiency transporting angular momentum regulates the physical processes important for planet formation and disk evolution. However, the specific mechanism behind the low level of turbulence observed in the outer regions of protoplanetary disks still under debate.

My research is focused on the study of a possible source of hydrodynamic turbulence in the outer regions of protoplanetary disks, the Vertical Shear Instability (VSI), and its interplay with structures triggered by a forming protoplanet.
Via global 3D hydrodynamical simulations post-processed with radiative transfer calculations, I study the evolution of a VSI-unstable disk with embedded planets. Then, I generate synthetic observations for the dust continuum, molecular gas line emission, and polarized scattered light. Finally, I compare the results with current ALMA and SPHERE/VLT observations and study the observability of VSI signposts in future ALMA observations.

Supervisor:   Mario Flock  (MPIA)

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