Jae Yeon Kim

Jae Yeon  (Jenny)  Kim  (Korea)

kim @ uni-heidelberg.de

Lifecycle of molecular clouds in nearby star-forming disc galaxies

Giant molecular clouds have long been recognized as an important sight for star formation. Massive stars inject mass, momentum, and energy into the surrounding interstellar medium which ultimately lead to the disruption of the clouds. It is important to understand this chain of events as they shape the properties of galaxies by regulating the galaxy-wide star formation processes.

To investigate the lifecycle of molecular clouds, we apply a newly developed statistical method to a large number of galaxies covering a broad range of environments as a part of PHANGS-ALMA Large Programme. This would allow us to quantify how the feedback processes and lifecycle of molecular clouds depend on the galactic environment.

Supervisor:     Cornelis Dullemond  (ITA)

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