Raul Dominguez

Raul Dominguez  (Chile)

v181 @ uni-heidelberg.de

Molecular clouds of star clusters dispersed by feedback processes

Starting from the classic scenario for stars being born within a molecular cloud forming star clusters, we will study the post-evolution as the molecular cloud gets dispersed due to feedback processes as stellar winds, stellar radiation, and Supernovae.
By means of N-body (stars) and hydrodynamic (cloud) simulations, our aim is to follow as close as we can go the evolution of several clusters for different initial conditions. We are mostly interested in small and very young star clusters with at least 80 \% of its mass as gas, where the big change in the supportive potential as the molecular cloud is been dispersed can produce enough strong changes for the stars which were equilibrium. Exploring a big set of initial conditions a statistical analysis can be developed in order to find trends and specific behavior which will help to understand better the global evolution of these kinds of objects.

Supervisor:     Ralf Klessen   (ITA)

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