Li-Hsin Chen

Li-Hsin Chen  (Taiwan)

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Semi-analytic modeling of Population II stars in the Milky Way

The gas in the early universe is metal-free before any stars form. Without efficient cooling, the first (metal-free, Population III) stars typically have higher masses and endure different life-cycles from the metal-enriched (Population II) stars. These metal-free stars produce the first metals of the universe and change subsequent star formation. One way to learn about the transition is to look at the low mass stars that are affected by the first stars and survive until present day in the Milky Way and the satellites. In this PhD project, I will utilize semi-analytic modelling to simulate the star formation history of Milky Way like galaxies based on the data of dark matter halo merger trees. We hope to understand more about the metal-free stars and provide predictions for possible observations of the stars that are directly influenced by the first stars.

Supervisor:     Simon Glover   (ITA)

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