Aida Ahmadi

Aida Ahmadi  ( Iran/Canada )

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Fragmentation and Disk Formation during High-Mass Star Formation

I study the early phases of high-mass star formation with particular interest on the characteristics of the inner rotating structures around such protostars. Due to the clustered mode of high-mass star formation and the typical large distances of a few kpc, spatially resolving such clumps has been difficult until quite recently. We have undertaken a large program at NOEMA, resolving structures on scales of ~600AU for 20 high-mass star forming clumps in the northern sky. Combining mm continuum and line observations will be a powerful approach to systematically study important topics in high-mass star formation ranging from the fragmentation processes of the gas clumps, the disk kinematics and fragmentation, infall processes in the molecular and ionized gas, to the chemical evolution and inner jet/outflow properties. With the broad range of observed molecules, we have tracers of the dense disk regions and the envelopes to disentangle the different core/disk contributions. The predicted fragmentation scales of high-mass disks/cores will be resolved, and in addition to the core fragmentation, the disk fragmentation processes will be investigated.

Supervisor:   Henrik Beuther  ( MPIA )

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