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The Physics of Cloud-Scale Star Formation and Feedback Across Cosmic Time

The goal of my PhD is to constrain the cloud scale physics of star formation and feedback across cosmic time. To do this it is necessary to answer two fundamental questions about molecular clouds: "How long do they live?” and"how quickly are they disrupted by feedback?" as the answers to these questions provide constraints on the underlying physics governing their lifecycles. To answer these questions I will, during the course of my PhD, apply the method of Kruijssen and Longmore (2014) "an uncertainty principle for star formation" to a range of galaxies using observed maps of gas and star formation tracers. It is then possible to investigate how the observed cloud-scale physics varies with other observed properties of the galaxies (e.g. mass) and their environment (e.g. redshift).

Supervisor:   Diederik Kruijssen  ( ARI/MPIA )

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