Christos Vourellis

Christos Vourellis ( Greece )

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General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics simulations of jet launching from thin accretion disks

Astrophysical jets are one of the most interesting phenomena in the universe. They appear in various different astrophysical objects (from protostars to active galactic nuclei) and are associated accretion disk around the central object and strong magnetic fields. The physical mechanisms behind the launching of the jets are not yet perfectly clear, however we know that magnetohydrodynamics are playing an important role. During the past years, different mechanisms were proposed which were combining general relativity with magnetohydrodynamics and were trying to explain the formation of the jets from an accretion disk.

I will perform general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of accretion disks in a three dimensional environment using HARM3D. The 3D simulations will allow us to observe several non-axisymmetric instabilities in the environment of the disk and how they affect the launching of jets. The implementation of magnetic diffusivity as an essential extension of the ideal MHD theory, will favor the launching of jets from the accretion disks and will provide us with information about the jets formation and the conditions that favor their appearance. As a second part to my thesis I plan to create mock observational data from my simulations of the jets using a synchrotron radiation transfer code and comparing the results with actual observational data.

Supervisor:   Christian Fendt ( MPIA )

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