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SARS-CoV-2 in Germany - Information

General Information

We provide two links about the corona pandemic where you could find all the updated information:

- The Federal Ministry of Health

- The Robert Koch Institut

Update October 19th, 2020: The federal state Baden Wuerttemberg has announced the "pandemic level 3". The federal government has agreed on NEW rules and rules that still apply:

  • Heidelberg (and other cities) now also require the wearing of masks outside in high density areas, otherwise there may be ticketing.
  • Gatherings in public or private area are only permitted for individuals of maximum 10 people or 2 households. This restriction does not apply to:
    • People who are directly related (e.g. parents, children and grandparents)
    • Siblings and their families.
  • People still need to keep their distance to each other. The minimum is 1.5 meters (5 feet).
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, etc. are open with teh following guidelines:
    • In shops, only a certain number of customers can enter at the same time, you have to wear a mouth and nose covering.
    • In restaurants and bars, guests must wear mouth and nose coverings while waiting to be assigned a table, or when leaving the table. Personal contact details must be given to enable any necessary “tracking and tracing”.
  • When using public transport, all passengers over the age of six must wear a mouth and nose covering.
  • Universities may open labs and other rooms needed for research on site if strict hygiene rules are being followed. Archives and libraries may open under the same condition. Further information can be found on the website of the Heidelberg University.
  • etc.

All listed information above can be found in this pdf file, the "Ordinance of the State Government on Infection Protection Measures against the Spread of the SARS-Cov-2 Virus" in the version from September, 2020 on in English, provided by the state of Baden Württemberg.

Note that some rules were slightly different in different states, in particular concerning the closure of universities. The link explains the new laws in German, but also provides information in foreign languages.

IMPRS related

The MPIA and also IMPRS, have been a virtual institute over the last months. This is a preventive measure and will  apply initially for an undefinite period. The IMPRS Office can be reached via email. 

Concerning the lecturing, teaching activities at Heideberg University, we definitely could not return to normal university life at the semester start. The Heidelberg University starts to open step by step.

Heidelberg University is now trying to offer as many face-to-face events in small groups – from laboratory courses to colloquia for examination candidates.

Large-scale lecture courses will probably have to take place digitally. As far as is technically and organisationally possible, lectures will be available to students as a combination of physical events and digital formats.

Here is a link to the Heidelberg University website on corona virus-related information which will be updated regulary.

On the following website, provided by the Heidelberg University, you can also find information on Regulations for entering and living in Germany. For further information, please contact the International Office of your institute.

The MVAstro 1 block course on Astronomical Techniques taught by Eva Grebel is offered via Zoom. Please send an email to her if you want to participate.

Concerning the IMPRS seminars we are discussing solutions. The IMPRS seminar of the 14th generation, taken place in Trifels, has been cancelled to November 2020 and will be held ONLINE.


Update April 2, 2020:  PhD examina:  two options will be offered, in brief:

1) Remote exam:  with candidate and chair examiner only in the room; other examiners connected via heiCONF; entry to the building controlled

2) As usual:  but in a different, larger room as usual ("GoldBox", INF 226, ground floor). Examiners will be requested to confirm their availability. No audience allowed. Also no other people allowed in the building (parents, friends, ...)

Please contact the HGSFP well in advance to your exam.


Here you find further Covid related links listed in English:

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