IMPRS & Covid-19

SARS-CoV-2 in Germany - Information

General Information

Here we provide two links concerning the corona pandemic where you could find regularly updated information:

- The Federal Ministry of Health

- The Robert Koch Institut


IMPRS related

Based on the current Hygiene concept for the MPIA, which also applies to the IMPRS, following rules must be adhered:

  • Observe a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between two persons. Where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, the wearing of a medical face mask is mandatory
  • Otherwise, the wearing of a medical face mask is voluntary
  • Prior to major events, the organizers shall recommend that invitees take a Corona self-test. However, the result of the test will not be examined at the institute

Concerning the lecturing, teaching activities at Heideberg University:

"Similar to the last two semesters, activities in the 2022/2023 winter semester will, in principle, take place on campus. The university will supplement the in-person classes with online formats, hybrid courses, the digital provision of materials relevant to examinations, and other online support, in order to guarantee the continuing participation of all students.

If it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance inside the buildings, all degree-related lectures/classes, exams etc. must respect the following procedure

  • Students are urgently recommended to wear a medical mask or an FFP2 mask
  • Wearing at least a surgical mask is mandatory for all other persons present, including teachers, if they cannot maintain the minimum distance inside the university buildings

Apart from degree-related activities, all those present in all areas of the university must wear at least a surgical mask if they cannot maintain the minimum distance inside the buildings." (HD University)

Here is a link to the Heidelberg University website on corona virus-related information which will be updated regulary.

On the following website, provided by the Heidelberg University, you can also find information on Regulations for entering and living in Germany. For further information, please contact the International Office of your institute.


Here you find further Covid related links listed in English:

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