Daniel Rahner

Daniel Rahner  ( Germany )

daniel.rahner @ uni-heidelberg.de

Simulations of Feedback Processes in Star Clusters

The formation and early evolution of star clusters in molecular clouds strongly influences their subsequent behaviour in the tidal field of the Milky Way. I will attempt to determine the typical initial conditions of star cluster formation in the Galactic disk and to characterise the cluster's subsequent dynamical evolution. I plan to model the full life-cycle of giant molecular clouds, from their formation to their stellar-feedback driven dispersal. Star formation will be accounted for by implementing sink particles in the adaptive mesh refinement hydrodynamic code FLASH 4 and these particles will be used as sources of stellar feedback. Key questions addressed in this study will include:

How do the lifetime and star formation rate of a cloud relate to the environment in which it forms?  What is the range of star formation efficiencies achieved by cluster forming clumps in the Galactic disk?  What is the dominant mode of cluster dissolution in the Galactic disk?

Supervisor:   Ralf Klessen  ( ITA )

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