Kseniia Sysoliatina

Kseniia Sysoliatina   ( Ukraine )

sysoliatina @ uni-heidelberg.de

A theoretical chemodynamical model of the Milky Way disk

Modern observational technics provide us with more and more broad and accurate data about distribution, motion and chemical properties of stars in the Galaxy. Comprehensive analysis of these data can take us closer to understanding of evolution of the Milky Way system, which is neccessary base for decoding other galaxies' evolutional process out of far less precise and various information available about them.
However, the global model of Milky Way disc evolution, which could be able to predict observed changes in stellar age, metallicity and kinematical properties with Galactocentric distance, has not been constructed yet.
The main goal of my research project is to combine in one theoretical model our knowledge about dynamics of steady-stated axisymmetrical Milky Way disk and chemical enrichment of its matter. Using precise kinematical and spectral data provided by Gaia is also planned closer to the end of research.

Supervisor: Andreas Just (ARI)

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