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Neven Tomicic  (Croatia)

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The cold ISM in M31

The interstellar medium (ISM) is one of the important components of galaxies. It is not merely a passive substrate within which stars evolve, but it determines stellar chemical and physical characteristics and, thus, determines star formation ability of galaxies and their evolution. There are  many open questions  regarding how cooling of the ISM, phase transitions, star formation, and feedback interplay effects galaxy evolution. We will use a variety of tracers of the dust and the cold gas in the nearby spiral galaxy M31 to examine the distribution and properties of the cold ISM at sub-100 pc scales. Moreover, we will study the impact of the radiation field as a function of scale length, test the assumption that the dust acts as a good tracer of the cold molecular gas and examine the source of PAH emission. This  observational PhD project will make use of imaging and spectroscopic data from  optical through (sub-)millimeter instruments and  compare these data to dust continuum emission from Herschel. Linking our findings to theoretical models, we will provide more insights in the physics regulating the evolution of the cold ISM on sub-100pc scales.

Supervisor: Eva Schinnerer (MPIA)

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