Marcelo Tala Pinto

Marcelo Tala Pinto  ( Chile )

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Techniques to improve radial velocity precision with the Waltz spectrograph and CARMENES

An excellent high-precision radial velocity (RV) measurement relies on a large number of factors, going from the design of a good instrument to the post-processing of the spectra obtained for measuring the RVs. The main objective of my work is to investigate different techniques to improve the precision in radial velocity measurements for exoplanetary detection. The first part of my project consists in the construction of a high resolution spectrograph for the 72cm Waltz telescope located at the Landessternwarte that will be used to confirm and detect long-orbit planets around K-giants, while the second part of it consists in the science exploitation of the CARMENES survey, an instrument which aims to detect Earth-like planets around M-dwarfs.

Supervisor:   Sabine Reffert  ( LSW )

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