Stefan Brems

Stefan Brems (Germany)

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Direct imaging of exoplanets

Since Mai 2015 I work together with my supervisors Andreas Quirrenbach, Sabine Reffert and Wolfgang Brandner at the Landessternwarte. We are going to search for exoplanets around debris disk stars using direct imaging. We are mainly searching in the L'-band using the  NaCo instrument at the VLT in Chile. The survey goes from late 2015 to 2019 with a total of 120 nights GTO. As coronagraph we are going to use the new AGPM (annular groove phase mask) in order to mask the sun. We hope to find as many exoplanets as possible, but plan the survey in that
manner, that even a null detection will tell lot about planet occurences and formation.

Supervisors: Sabine Reffert / Andreas Quirrenbach (LSW)

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