Hans Baehr

Hans Baehr  ( USA )

baehr @ mpia.de

Nucleated Versus Spontaneous Planet Formation in Self-Gravitating Disks

Large, cool protoplanetary disks potentially form gas giant planets through direct collapse of disk fragments, known as gravitational instability (GI). In contrast with core accretion, GI can form large planets quickly at large radii thus possibly explaining recent discoveries of large planets with large orbital separations by direct imaging. While models suggest finding planets formed by GI to be rare and observations find them to be relatively uncommon, there have been no studies linking initial disk properties to the final planet properties. Using the adaptive mesh refinement method available with the PLUTO code, I will follow the evolution of planet formation by GI starting from the large disks and investigating the properties of the planets which arise.

Supervisor:   Hubert Klahr  ( MPIA )

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