Armelle Jardin-Blicq

Armelle Jardin-Blicq  ( France )

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Star-forming systems at the highest energies

The High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory was completed fully operational on March 20, 2015. The detector consists of an array of 300 water tanks, each covering an area of 42 square meter, and containing 200 kL of purified water. Four PMTs are located in each tank. Located at an elevation of 4100m near the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico, HAWC observes gamma rays in the 0.1-100 TeV range and has a sensitivity to TeV-scale gamma-ray sources an order of magnitude better than previous air-shower arrays. It's wide field-of-view of 2 sr, and >90% duty cycle make HAWC an ideal instrument for surveying the high-energy sky. This detector being complementary to Cherenkov telescopes such as HESS, I will first perform combined data analysis of HESS and HAWC data, looking at the galactic plane in particular. Then, I will try to improve the event reconstruction, and particularly the energy reconstruction and the gamma-hadron separation.

Supervisor:   Jim Hinton ( MPIK )

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