Natascha Manger

Natascha Manger  ( Germany )

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Vortex Formation through hydrodynamic instabilities and their implications on planetesimal formation

How do dust grains grow to planetesimals? Dust grains are known to collide and stick together, but at a size of a few cm, their growth is limited by (1) their increasing relative velocity with size, leading to i.e. fragmentation; (2) drift motions, which move particles inward faster than the can grow, and (3) colliding particles may bounce off each other. Many proposed models for growth beyond this size barrier rely on particle traps formed within the proto-planetary disk. Using the magneto-hydrodynamics code PLUTO, I perform simulations of (magneto-) hydrodynamic instabilities in 3D non-axisymmetric disks to determine their potential in trapping particles. Furthermore, using a joint dust-gas model, I investigate the dust and gas distribution in these disks, looking at trap efficiencies and lifetimes as well as structures possibly explaining observations made with ALMA and VLTI.

Supervisors:  Hubert Klahr  ( MPIA )

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