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Formation of low-mass stars

Star formation is characterized as the collapse of dense and dusty, magnetized molecular gas under its own gravity. The details of the earliest epochs of star formation and proto-stellar evolution are only vaguely known and depend heavily on the accretion history of the gravitational center region. We thus propose to determine the accretion physics in dependence on the level of magnetization of the collapsing region. The aim of the project is to understand proto-stellar collapse in the low-mass regime via detailed thermodynamical modeling in terms of radiation transport and phase transitions using PLUTO as a tool.

Circumstellar accretion disks and (bi)polar jets and outflows are key signs of star forming regions. Hence in addition, we will also investigate the physics of this accretion-outflow system in its formation and early evolution. A self-consistent modeling of the evolution of the collapsing region in terms of angular momentum transport, the magneto-hydrodynamics of jet launching, and the net effect of disk instabilities is required to derive proper observables of this early proto-stellar

Supervisor: Thomas Henning  (MPIA), Rolf Kuiper (UTue)

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