Ondrej Jaura

Ondrej Jaura (Slovak Republic)

ondrej.jaura @ uni-heidelberg.de

Radiation feedback in the first star formation 

The appearance of the first stars marked a primary transition in cosmic history. Their light ended the so-called “dark ages”, and they played a key role in the metal enrichment and the reionization of the Universe, thereby shaping the galaxies we see today. Understanding high-redshift star formation is central to many areas of modern astrophysics. In this PhD project, we will use the novel moving-mesh (magneto)hydrodynamics code Arepo, which we have extended to include a time-dependent chemical network geared towards the primordial universe that runs alongside the (magneto)hydrodynamic evolution of the gas. Furthermore, we have introduced a greatly improved coupling between matter and interstellar radiation field (TreeCol), and we have developed and implemented so-called sink particle techniques to be able to describe newly formed and accreting protostars. In this project we will introduce radiation from young stars and study its influence on the overall star formation process. We will perform high-resolution calculations of stellar birth in primordial halos including various forms of stellar feedback. The final goal is to better understand the physical processes that determine the distribution of stellar masses at birth, the so called IMF.

Supervisor:  Ralf Klessen  (ITA)

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