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Star Formation in Extreme Environments

Galaxies which exhibit extreme star formation rates are called starburst galaxies. In such environments, the reservoir of molecular gas that feeds star formation is depleted on a short time-scale, typically 𝜏mol,dep ≈ 0.1 Gyr. High-redshift galaxies are frequently found to be in this state that strongly impacts the galaxy’s evolution. Although much less frequent, some nearby galaxies also harbor starburst regions, such as the central region of NGC 253. The unparalleled capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) allow to study these galaxies in great detail on scales that could so far only be achieved in the Galactic Center.

My work will focus on molecular gas observed with radio interferometric telescopes to better understand the different processes that regulate star formation. One of the current problems is to understand star formation efficiencies as starbursts form much more stellar mass per time than normal disks in environments of very high pressures und mass surface densities. Moreover, we will investigate the structural organisation of gas clouds that form stars and the feedback of young stars onto them. Observing both nearby galaxies at high spatial resolution and high-redshift galaxies will allow us to better understand star formation in extreme environments throughout cosmic time.

Supervisor: Fabian Walter  (MPIA)

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