Publications of IMPRS-HD students 2013

Here we present a list of selected scientific publications authored by our IMPRS students.
Only (i) refereed publications of results in which (ii) the student was involved during her/his time as IMPRS member are considered. IMPRS student authors are denoted in bold.

This list is not intended as track record of single students, but as signature of ongoing scientific research by IMPRS students (last update June 2013).

Agius, N. K., Sansom, A. E., Popescu, C. C., Andrae, E.,... (+33 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 431, 1929,
GAMA/H-ATLAS: linking the properties of submm detected and undetected early-type galaxies - I. z ≤ 0.06 sample -> ADS link

Bergfors, C., Brandner, W., Daemgen, S.,..., Kudryavtseva, N.,... (+6 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 428, 182,
Stellar companions to exoplanet host stars: Lucky Imaging of transiting planet hosts -> ADS link

Beuther, H., Linz, H., Tackenberg, J., ..., Bihr, S.,... (+8 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 553, 115,
Fragmentation and dynamical collapse of the starless high-mass star-forming region IRDC 18310-4 -> ADS link

Chang, Y.-Y., van der Wel, A., Rix, H.-W.,... (+4 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 762, 83,
Shape Evolution of Massive Early-type Galaxies: Confirmation of Increased Disk Prevalence at z > 1-> ADS link

Colombo, D., Schinnerer, E., Hughes, A, ... (+9 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22134916,
The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS) II. Resolved properties of Giant Molecular Clouds in M51 and Local Group galaxies -> ADS link

Contreras, Y., Schuller, F., Urquhart, J. S.,..., Tackenberg J., ... (+11 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 549, 45,
ATLASGAL - compact source catalogue: 330° < ℓ < 21° -> ADS link

Covino, E., Esposito, M., Barbieri, M., ..., Ciceri, S., ... (+67 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 554, 28,
The GAPS programme with HARPS-N at TNG. I. Observations of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect and characterisation of the transiting system Qatar-1-> ADS link

Doǧan, G., Metcalfe, T. S., Deheuvels, S.,..., Thygesen, A. O, ... (+26 coauthors) 2013, ApJ, 763, 49,
Characterizing Two Solar-type Kepler Subgiants with Asteroseismology: KIC 10920273 and KIC 11395018 -> ADS link

Domainko, W., Bailer-Jones, C. A. L., Feng, F., 2013, MNRAS, 432, 258,,
A history of the gamma-ray burst flux at the Earth from Galactic globular clusters -> ADS link

Dopcke, G., Glover, S. C. O., Clark, P. C., Klessen, R., 2013, ApJ, 766, 103,
On the Initial Mass Function of Low-metallicity Stars: The Importance of Dust Cooling -> ADS link

Feng, F., Bailer-Jones, C. A. L., 2013, ApJ, 768, 152,
Assessing the Influence of the Solar Orbit on Terrestrial Biodiversity -> ADS link

Fortier, A., Alibert, Y., Carron, F., Benz, W., Dittkrist, K.-M., 2013, A&A, 549, 44,
Planet formation models: the interplay with the planetesimal disc -> ADS link

Giahi, A., Schäfer, B. M., 2013, MNRAS, 428, 1312,
Evolution of intrinsic ellipticity correlations due to peculiar motion -> ADS link

Dittrich, K., Klahr, H., Johansen, A., 2013, ApJ, 763, 117,
Gravoturbulent Planetesimal Formation: The Positive Effect of Long-lived Zonal Flows -> ADS link

Gould, A., Yee, J. C., Bond, I. A., ..., Gerner, T., ..., Proft, S., ..., Schoenebeck, F., ... (+120 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 763, 141,
MOA-2010-BLG-523: "Failed Planet" = RS CVn Star -> ADS link

Grootes, M. W., Tuffs, R. J., Popescu, C. C,...Andrae, E., ... (+31 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 766, 59,
GAMA/H-ATLAS: The Dust Opacity-Stellar Mass Surface Density Relation for Spiral Galaxies -> ADS link

Harpsøe, K. B. W., Hardis, S., Hinse, T. C., Gerner, T., ..., Proft, S., ..., Schoenebeck, F., ... (+36 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 549, 10,
The transiting system GJ1214: high-precision defocused transit observations and a search for evidence of transit timing variation-> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ..., Behera, B., ..., Bochow, A., ...Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Lu, C.-C., ...Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+200 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 554, 107,
HESS discovery of VHE γ-rays from the quasar PKS 1510-089 -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ..., Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Edwards, T., ..., Jankowsky, F., ..., Lu, C.-C., ..., Mohamed, M., ..., Poon, H., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+201 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 554, 72,
Discovery of high and very high-energy emission from the BL Lacertae object SHBL J001355.9-185406 -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ..., Behera, B., ..., Bochow, A., ..., Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C., ..., Lu, C.-C., ..., Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+198 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 552, 118,
Discovery of TeV γ-ray emission from PKS 0447-439 and derivation of an upper limit on its redshift -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ..., Bochow, A., ...,Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+201 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 94,
HESS observations of the binary system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around the 2010/2011 periastron passage -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ...Bochow, A., ..., Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Lu, C.-C., ..., Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+198 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 26,
Search for very-high-energy γ-ray emission from Galactic globular clusters with H.E.S.S. -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ...Bochow, A., ..., Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Lu, C.-C., ..., Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+198 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 26,
Search for very-high-energy γ-ray emission from Galactic globular clusters with H.E.S.S. -> ADS link

HESS Collaboration, ...Bochow, A., ..., Cologna, G., ..., Deil, C.,..., Lu, C.-C., ..., Mohamed, M., ..., Schwemmer, S.,... (+190 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 550, 4,
Measurement of the extragalactic background light imprint on the spectra of the brightest blazars observed with H.E.S.S. -> ADS link

Hopkins, A. M., Driver, S. P., Brough, S.,..., Andrae, E., Meiert, G.,,... (+77 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 430, 2047
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): spectroscopic analysis -> ADS link

Husemann, B., Jahnke, K., Sánchez, S. F., ..., Kalinova, V. ,..., Singh, R., ... (+72 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 549, 87,
CALIFA, the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey. II. First public data release -> ADS link

Kalinova, V., van de Ven, G., Lyubenova, M., Falcon-Barroso, J., van den Bosch, R., 2013, AAS, 22124105,
Dynamical Models of SAURON and CALIFA Galaxies: 1D and 2D Rotational Curves -> ADS link

Kacharov, N., Koch, A., McWilliam, A., 2013, AAS, 554, 81,
A comprehensive chemical abundance study of the outer halo globular cluster M 75 -> ADS link

Khramtsova, M. S., Wiebe, D. S., Boley, P. A., Pavlyuchenkov, Ya. N., 2013, MNRAS 431, 2006,
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in spatially resolved extragalactic star-forming complexes -> ADS link

Konrad, S., Majer, C. L., Meyer, S., Sarli, E., Bartelmann, M., 2013, A&A, 553, 118,
Joint reconstruction of galaxy clusters from gravitational lensing and thermal gas. I. Outline of a non-parametric method -> ADS link

Launhardt R., Stutz A., Schmiedeke A., ..., Tackenberg J., Lippok, N.,... (+17 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 98,
The Earliest Phases of Star Formation (EPoS): a Herschel key project. The thermal structure of low-mass molecular cloud cores -> ADS link

Liao, Y.-W., Lin, K.-Y., Huang, Y.-D.,...Chang, Y.-Y., ... (+18 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 769, 71,
Platform Deformation Phase Correction for the AMiBA-13 Coplanar Interferometer -> ADS link

Lisker, T., Weinmann, S. M., Janz, J., Meyer, H. T., 2013, MNRAS tmp, 1178,
Dwarf galaxy populations in present-day galaxy clusters - II. The history of early-type and late-type dwarfs -> ADS link

Lundgren, B., Brammer, G., Van Dokkum, P. G.,...., Schmidt, K. B., ... (+1 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22114739,
Large-Scale Star Formation-Driven Outflows at 1<z<2 in the 3D-HST Survey -> ADS link

Meidt, S., Schinnerer, E., Hughes, A., ..., Colombo, D., ... (+8 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22134917,
The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS) III. How Dynamical Environments Regulate the Structure of the Molecular Gas and Star Formation in M51 -> ADS link

Maciejewski, G., Dimitrov, D., Seeliger, M., ..., Ciceri, S., ... (+37 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 108,
Multi-site campaign for transit timing variations of WASP-12 b: possible detection of a long-period signal of planetary origin-> ADS link

Mancini, L., Nikolov, N., Southworth, J., ..., Ciceri, S., ... (+5 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 430, 293,
Physical properties of the WASP-44 planetary system from simultaneous multi-colour photometry-> ADS link

Mancini, L., Southworth, J., Ciceri, S., ... (+10 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 11,
A lower radius and mass for the transiting extrasolar planet HAT-P-8 b-> ADS link

Merkel, P. M., Schäfer, B. M., 2013, MNRAS 431, 2433,
Contributions to the non-linear integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect: Birkinshaw-Gull effect and gravitational self-energy density
-> ADS link

Merkel, P. M., Schäfer, B. M., 2013, MNRAS 429, 444,
The interplay of CMB temperature lensing power reconstruction with primordial non-Gaussianity of local type
-> ADS link

Micic, M., Glover, S. C. O., Banerjee, R., Klessen, R. S., 2013, MNRAS tmp, 1088,
Cloud formation in colliding flows: influence of the choice of cooling function -> ADS link

Murphy, S. J., Pigulski, A., Kurtz, D. W, ..., Thygesen, A. O.., ... (+12 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 432, 2284,
Asteroseismology of KIC 11754974: a high-amplitude SX Phe pulsator in a 343-d binary system -> ADS link

Nelson, E. J., van Dokkum, P. G., Momcheva, I., .., Schmidt, K. B., ... (+15 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 763, 16,
The Radial Distribution of Star Formation in Galaxies at z ~ 1 from the 3D-HST Survey -> ADS link

Pang, X., Grebel, E. K., Allison, R. J.,... (+5 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 764, 73,
On the Origin of Mass Segregation in NGC 3603 -> ADS link

Pardy, Stephen; Leroy, A. K.; Schinnerer, E, ..., Colombo, D., ... (+2 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22114620,
Plateau de Bure Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS): Multiscale Analysis of the ISM in the Whirlpool Galaxy-> ADS link

Penev, K., Bakos, G. Á., Bayliss, D., Jordán, A., Mohler, M., ... (+23 coauthors), 2013, AJ, 145, 5,
HATS-1b: The First Transiting Planet Discovered by the HATSouth Survey -> ADS link

Pitann, J., Linz, H., Ragan, S.,..., Tackenberg J.,... (+8 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 766, 68,
G048.66-0.29: Physical State of an Isolated Site of Massive Star Formation -> ADS link

Rapoport, S., Onken, C. A., Wyithe, J. S. B., Schmidt, B. P., Thygesen, A. O, 2013, ApJ, 766, 23,
On the Significance of the Excess Number of Strong Mg II Absorbers Observed toward Gamma-Ray Bursts -> ADS link

Ricci, D., Elyiv, A., Finet, F., ..., Gerner, T., ..., Proft, S., ..., Schoenebeck, F., ... (+40 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 104,
Flux and color variations of the doubly imaged quasar UM673 -> ADS link

Robotham, A. S. G., Liske, J., Driver, S. P., ...Meiert, G.,,... (+17 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS, 431, 167,
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the life and times of L★ galaxies -> ADS link

Romeo Velonà, A. D., Sommer-Larsen, J., Napolitano, N. R., ...Cielo, S.,,... (+3 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 770, 155,
Evolution of the Mass-Metallicity Relations in Passive and Star-forming Galaxies from SPH-cosmological Simulations -> ADS link

Sahlmann, J., Henning, Th., Queloz, D., ...Mohler M.,... (+17 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 551, 52,
The ESPRI project: astrometric exoplanet search with PRIMA. I. Instrument description and performance of first light observations -> ADS link

Sandstrom, K., Kapala, M., Croxall, K. V., ... (+10 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22134936,
The Survey of Lines in M31: Investigating the Origin of Far-Infrared [CII] and [OI] Emission from Star-Forming Disk Galaxies -> ADS link

Schinnerer, E., Meidt, S. E., Pety, J, ..., Colombo, D., ... (+9 coauthors), 2013, AAS, 22134915,
The PdBI Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey (PAWS) I. Molecular Gas, Dust and Star Formation -> ADS link

Schmidt, K. B., Rix, H.-W., da Cunha, E., ..., Maseda, M., .. (+14 coauthors), 2013, MNRAS tmp, 1114,
The spatial extent and distribution of star formation in 3D-HST mergers at z ˜ 1.5 -> ADS link

Skottfelt, J., Bramich, D. M., Figuera Jaimes, R., ..., Giannini, E., .. (+32 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 553, 111,
EMCCD photometry reveals two new variable stars in the crowded central region of the globular cluster NGC 6981 -> ADS link

Street, R. A., Choi, J.-Y., Tsapras, Y., ..., Gerner, T., ..., Proft, S., ..., Schoenebeck, F., ... (+133 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 763, 67,
MOA-2010-BLG-073L: An M-dwarf with a Substellar Companion at the Planet/Brown Dwarf Boundary -> ADS link

Tackenberg, J., Beuther, H., Plume, R., ... (+5 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 550, 116,
Triggered/sequential star formation? A multi-phase ISM study around the prominent IRDC G18.93-0.03 -> ADS link

van der Laan, T. P. R., Schinnerer, E., Emsellem, E,; Hunt, L. K., McDermid, R. M., Liu, G., 2013, A&A, 551, 81,
How does star formation proceed in the circumnuclear starburst ring of NGC 6951? -> ADS link

Yee, J. C., Hung, L.-W., Bond, I. A, ..., Gerner, T., ..., Proft, S., ..., Schoenebeck, F., ... (+127 coauthors), 2013, ApJ, 769, 77,
MOA-2010-BLG-311: A Planetary Candidate below the Threshold of Reliable Detection -> ADS link

Zhang, M., Brandner, W., ..., Gennaro, M., ... (+6 coauthors), 2013, A&A, 553, 41,
Proper motions of molecular hydrogen outflows in the ρ Ophiuchi molecular cloud -> ADS link


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