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    Course program of IMPRS-HD

IMPRS-HD offers a dedicated curriculum in English language with emphasis on lectures and seminars in the field of astrophysics. IMPRS-HD intends to offer a broad and deep education in astronomy and astrophysics besides the thesis research work. While there is a basic, mandatory curriculum for all IMPRS students, students who had attended similar lectures previously, do not have to attend again. The following IMPRS course requirements have to be met in order to receive the IMPRS Certificate after successfully completing the PhD program. Given is also the relevant module code.

  1. Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics (MVAstro0; September block lecture, or two-semester lecture)
  2. Theoretical Astrophysics (winter semester)
  3. Stellar Astronomy & Astrophysics (block or semester lecture)
  4. Astronomical Techniques  (compact course MVAstro1; semester lecture)
  5. Galactic & extragalactic astronomy (MVAstro3; block or semester lecture)
  6. Cosmology (compact course MVAstro4; block or semester lecture)
  7. Praktikum: Students going for a disputation in astronomy (thus not in physics) are required to attend the astronomy lab course (block course at the LSW). Exemption has to be formally granted by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.
  8. IMPRS seminar (two semesters during the 1st year), providing a central meeting opportunity for all students of one generation. See the seminar webpage.
  9. Specific lecture: we expect IMRPS students to attend one of the many lectures on a specific topic far from the research field.
  10. IMPRS workshop retreat (3-4 day external seminar retreat in the 2nd year)
  11. IMPRS summerschool: we expect IMPRS students to attend one of our International Summer Schools organized every year

Of the four advanced lectures 3)-6) only two need to be attended, but two outside of the research field of the student. Lectures usually come along with execises and exams. Doctoral students are not requested to do the exams or take part in the exams, unless the thesis committee has decided otherwise.

Alternatively to 4) and 6) also the advanced MSc courses MKTP5 and MKEP5 could be attended.

More detailed information about the IMPRS curriculum can be found here.

Check here about the key dates & deadlines for the semester schedule for of Heidelberg University.

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