IMPRS certificate

IMPRS certificate for curriculum

IMPRS-HD will issue an IMPRS certificate after successful PhD examination,  in addition to the PhD certificate granted by Heidelberg University.

The certiciate states that you have followed the IMPRS curriculum and it also specifies the lectures you have attended in Heidelberg and the conferences / schools you have attended. For comparison, here is an example certificate.

In order to let us write the certificate, the input data must to be sent by the student asap after the examination.  The data should be provided ( in a format from which we could easily copy/paste (e.g. in doc, ascii, or open office.).

We will in principle trust the information provided, but we will also check by randomly. Note that when you register for PhD examination in Heidelberg, you (and your supervisor) have to sign a listing of attended lectures.

Note that the HGSFP supplies a similar certificate, once adapted from the IMPRS certificate, but that is not the IMPRS certificate.

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